by Wicked



released March 5, 2012

Front layout based on original shot by Lane Pearman




Wicked Bilbao, Spain

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Track Name: Chaos
I’ve found a name for my fate
and you will all remember it
cause it's also yours
It's time for chaos

Struggling for so long
trying to make things right
It doesn't matter anymore...

She dreamed of life by my side
She just dreamed of a child of ours
No reason for that, you left no chance
Her time was up, and I was condemned to feel
her fading away

One blade, no brain
she was so pure, so innocent
Why did you take her away from me?

I've finally crossed the line
There's no past anymore for me
and there will be no future
Time's up, I won't stop till you're all down
Your time to pray

One blade, no brain

Now I will hunt you down

Will hunt you down
Will know no rules
No democracy
Deserve no life
Deserve no death
endless torture

There was a moment to decide... you did, you did
and you all made just the wrong choice... you did, you did
Now it's the time for you to pay for all the pain
no matter how hard you try to escape...

Time for chaos
will meet you there
it will be cruel
but it will be fair
Track Name: Pandora’s box
So kind, so fair
So generous
So helpful
So considerate
I'm tired of wasting my time
I don't deserve this

You're so focused on yourselves
You don't get to see that
we're quite different
That I am better than you

I'm sick of kissing your ass
Of making you love me
Of fulfilling your expectations

Call me when you got something for me
If it's not about you
Call me when you don't suck
When you're a better person

I'm sick of having to win
To be the best for you
While you settle in
Enjoy and complain

This message is for you, pricks
I'm fed up with satisfying everyone
This is what I am
What I really am
I don't care what could come to me
If you don't understand

You get used to me
Then it's never enough
My favours sink into oblivion
But I must kiss your ass for a break in your egoism

I'll give a shit for all your matters
I have no reason to keep on
with this game
This stupid game
This is what I am
I'm the best thing surrounding you
But you don't understand

You get used to me...

Call me...

My intentions have always been good
I've tried my best to make you happy
You'll never thank me enough
For what I am
What I really am
I don't care how you feel about it
You don't understand
You get used to me...
Track Name: The path of the weak
“…and you will know my name is the Lord,
when I lay my vengeance upon thee…”

Thank him for the pain
Thank him for the suffering
Thank him in vain

We left the cave
We were afraid
He gave us meaning
We gave him pray
Blind for centuries
Deft to common sense
Our fear is their trump card
Our soul is in their hands

Don’t tell me, father
Don’t tell me to stay
I’m no longer a child
I don’t bear your lies…

They got rich in his name
And they have killed in his name
They’ve got so much to lose…

You’ve stripped of your blindfold
You laugh at them now
Now you live on your own
They don’t order you how
But we’re weak at Death’s gate
Confidence says goodbye
And your wall will come down
It’s just a matter of time

Thank him for the pain

You start feeling cold as your heart slows down
Your last trip begins
And you can hardly shout:

Don’t take my breath, don’t take it away
Please, tell me you’re there
Don’t take my breath, don’t take it away
Please, tell me you’re there

Track Name: Empty shell
Near enough to suffer for you
Too far to be touched
I wanted to breathe you deeply
till my lungs are about to burst

I saw you on every picture
Every song was an ode to your scent
One day I just woke up and
you were gone, nothing in my head
No thoughts, no pain, no joy
I don't even feel like cutting myself
The wonders of the world gathered
My soul was left for dead by you

My wounds are now healing
Scars are getting old
No fog inside anymore
just a blind soul

Raindrops in the windowpane
they don't make me cry anymore
I feel nothing at the rising sun
What the hell happened to me?

I haven't smiled or shed a tear
I forgot what it feels to be proud
I haven't written a simple line
I feel nothing since you were gone

I wander around the streets looking
for something to inspire me
I spend hours in our places
trying to remember your face
I need something to move me
I don't know who I am anymore
I don't recognize myself
I am no more than an empty shell

My wounds are now healing

Please come back to my head,
my sweet muse
I am nothing without you

I never thought that nothing would be
what it feels to lose you

Tomorrow I'll give it the last chance
your absence will mean the end of the road
Track Name: Enemy of mine
At last you're here facing it
You have avoided it all this time
Let's play that game of mine
You don't need a straight jacket to know it

Friends turn to enemies, turn to friends
Everything's a ruse of your volatile mind
but... which of you both is right?
Who will you trust tomorrow?

Leave me... I just want a normal life
Hit me... I'll blow up this tricky mind
Love me... It's my only source of faith
Heal me... I can’t stand the pain

The sun is rising high above
as if there's no tomorrow
The fog appears to be all gone
In which side of the mirror am I now?
...this is crazy...

Brilliant thoughts prove to be senseless now
Mistakes turn out to be the solution
Love has become a dead end
Desire gives way to apathy

My soul is compelled... (Don't give in, there must be a way out)
to drift away from sanity... (Break the mirror, free your mind)
Despair lurks along my way... (Don't look back, raise your head)
It's coming for me again...

I won't let this shit bear down on me
Someday I'll get through this finally
Now I'm quite sure there must be somehow
In which side of the mirror am I now?
Track Name: The Ancient
You shouldn't be here, young boy
Curiosity killed the cat
Stay there and you will experience
the worst nightmare you've ever had
you should feel fear of this old one
I've lived a thousand lives
I've seen the end of all paths
I've been where no one survives

Don't you fear me?
Even the slightest draft
could be the death of you
Knowledge is mine
You... weak poor old louse
mean nothing now

I wasn't always like this
I exuded humanity
Inked hands, broken feather
they called me the alchemist
I fought my demons and fears
and never was the same again
no cut would heal anymore
so powerful and so weak

Don't you fear me?

Don't waste my time
you, petty thief
don't look at me like that
this was the price for my skills
I've got no healing now

Crows knocking at my window
they know it, they get the smell
I feel the gift is leaving
the candle is melting away
this wasn't supposed to happen
no, nothing's making any sense
I didn't expect they'll send a young boy
No, wait there, I'm not ready

Don't you fear me?

Don't waste my time
Track Name: Tears in rain
I'm waiting for you
under the rain
You haven't showed up
I wait still, soaked
water dilutes my hopes

No more candles
No more that smell
No more hearts in the mirror

I feel it'll never stop raining
It's too late
There's no time for another excuse
Everything surrounding me is grey
Reminds me of the winter shore
I thought about you there all the time

No more candles...

Even before knowing you
I was ruining your life
Hope was everything you've always had

Poor child, your smile just disappeared
I carried you to sadness and apathy
I hate watching my reflection in you
I turned you into me

Little by little my poison was taking effect
It spreads like a plague
It suffocates you until the flame is extinguished
When did I start to be so unhappy?
My lips must be blue by now
I know I'm doing the right thing
I never thought I would cry at the end
It doesn't matter now...

Worthless tears lost in rain.
Track Name: At the end of all thoughts
You made me this way
Your acts disrupted my head and filled my pages
And then a little crack in my heart and a sudden emptiness
Now the page is blank
There’s no faith, no tears, no hate, no fear
It’s the twilight of my heart and there will be no other dawn
Now as I’m leaning out of the edge
There’s only one phrase left
The last and lonely thought to flow
We don’t deserve the land we step on!

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